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Fitness, nutrition and weight loss expert Ed Shepherd and 5x World Kickboxing champion Steve Shepherd team up to form this unique kickboxing fitness program that features professional instruction and a complete, whole body workout that strengthens your body quicker than any other program.

Ed Shepherd


Before I was a kickboxing, fitness and strength trainer, I worked for a corporation and struggled to lose weight. I suffered from back issues from being slouched over on a computer all day, had very high blood pressure from all the stress and poor eating habits. I lacked energy, hardly ever slept well, and all the while took prescribed pills to combat the negative test results. I knew they were just a mask and not the solution, so I exercised fairly regular, but lacked the knowledge and motivation to consistently eat healthy and workout smart.


I have always had a lifelong passion for health and fitness and as the years went by, I applied my research skills learned from business to learn more about physical transformations, nutrition, and exercise, and because of my determination and perseverance, I was able to create workouts based on programs involving strength and aerobic circuits, which are very effective and require less time, and nutrition strategies that are sustainable and enjoyable. Now I enjoy helping people achieve the body and lifestyle they too desire.


Now, after loosing nearly 25% of my body fat and going from an unhealthy body weight to healthy, I have a strong body free of all health issues and rid of all medications and supplements. Those results were possible because of my knowledge learned from doing the right kind of exercise and from learning healthy eating habits.


I have interviewed nutritionists, fitness models, and natural bodybuilders to learn more. I have tried many diets and exercise programs, read lots of books while earning my credentials from various health and fitness organizations, including the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Council on Exercise.


Now as a gym owner with my brother Steve, we have a complete workout program designed to give our members a wide range of workout choices along with world class instruction and coaching.

Steve Shepherd

5x World Kickboxing Champion and Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee Steve Shepherd is a top pioneer kickboxing promoter in the state of Florida. He defeated eight world champions from five weight divisions, four of them during their championship reigns. Steve trained, managed, and promoted over 200 state, golden gloves national and world champions, amateur and pro, boxing and kickboxing fighters. He promoted boxing and kickboxing on National and International levels. Steve was recently inducted into to the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame Class of 2017.



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